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COD4 rcon commands
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Old Wed 16th Jul, 16:00   #1
Is Magic =]
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Default COD4 rcon commands

Hey guys,

Do any one know all the rcon commands becuase i got a server and i would like to know the rcon commands becuase am new to the COD4 becuase am a Counter-Strike player

Thanks guys.
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Old Wed 16th Jul, 16:27   #2
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Default Re: COD4 rcon commands

/rcon fast_restart
/rcon map_restart
/rcon pam_mode ed, ect
/rcon login password
/rcon map mp_mapname
/rcon promod_mode mr10
/rcon g_gametype sd,ect
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Old Wed 16th Jul, 16:31   #3
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Default Re: COD4 rcon commands

For promod use:

/rcon promod_mode online_mr##
/rcon promod_mode public_mr##
/rcon promod_mode lan_mr##

Replace ## with the number of rounds per side.
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